The Crown Center

The Crown Center is a place where art and culture is preserved through technology and entertainment.

The Mega-Minds​

Mega-Minds is an educational reality television TV show in Nigeria, contested by 185 bright young students drawn from the 36 states of the country and the Federal Capital Territory. They compete to win a cash prize by displaying their level of intelligence through academic games and rigorous activities to become the ultimate Mega-Mind.

The Mega-Minds Reality TV offers bright students an entertaining place to interact with each other and educators, develop social skills, and a platform to appreciating the leaders of our tomorrow, the “Mega-Minds”.

Nigerian Icon​ Series

Nigerian Icon is a biography documentary television series that seeks to, among other things, celebrate the life and accomplishments of few individuals whose leadership qualities have positively impacted our society, both locally and internationally.

Nigeria At 60

A documentary film and national promotion investment conference to mark 60 years of Nigerian Independence. 



political campaign

A Political Advertisement for the APC Campaign office in 2015.

Igbo Documentary

The IGBO documentary was to try to understand the Igbo, one of the most influential tribes in Nigeria. Who they are, where they are from and their impact and role in the Nigerian community. This was a documentary that was shot in the eastern part of Nigeria and was done in the Igbo language.