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The Immeasurable Love

The cross was never Jesus’ idea…

The movie script, “The Truth, The Father’s Love”, turned novel, “The Immeasurable Love” is another step taken by Testimony City Media to get this message of the Father’s love to the ends of the earth.

Joseph: Prison to Palace Paperback

There is something about the morning. Joy comes in the morning. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. No one really knows when his or her morning will comebut it does come because there is something about the morning…When you have a dream and it stays with you all through the night into the morningand you can still remember the beginning and end of the dream, then it’s no longer just a dream it’s a revelation from God and you must make sure you ask for its meaning because it’s very important”.

Purpose Thoughts

“How would you feel at the end of it all, standing before God and you discover that all you ever did on earth was your idea, not His?”…As long as Adam was in God’s Garden he was able to fulfill God’s purpose completely using these three things…