Testimony city media is a professional video, multimedia company dedicated to creating high quality content and production for the broadcast, business and entertainment industry.


  • We believe the time has come for the entertainment media companies to begin to use present day computer graphics FX and spectacular CGI scenes.

  • We believe the mind has and will always play a major role in the development of man and his society.

  • So ours is to use visuals (3D) to create scenes and pictures in such a way that the mind can fully grasp the message and thereby adapt himself to the reality and the fullness of what we are presenting.

  • We strongly believe what a man sees he becomes.


  • To bring right morals back again to television.

  • To use computer graphics and designs (3D) in almost all that we do.

  • To make media more interesting, creative and mind-blowing for family entertainment.

  • To prepare a generation that knows and understand what it means to be a creative with high moral standing.


  • For us to achieve this, we have programs which ranges from documentaries, movies, talk shows, music, Cartoons, news, adverts, series, sports and workshops.